Scar Reduction Using Laser Technology

Scar Reduction Using Laser Technology

Colorado Laser Treatments is offering scar reduction procedures in Boulder and Longmont

We’ve seen many clients come through our doors that were literally scarred either by their original tattoo application or improper removal techniques. This motivated us to research the best ways to reduce scars. In the end, we determined that fractionally ablative Carbon Dioxide laser treatments were the best solution.

  • How does it work? Often referred to as “skin resurfacing” the treatment creates thousands of microscopic areas where the top layers of the skin are removed by laser energy. (There is little discomfort involved.) This stimulates the formation of new collagen that replaces damaged collagen in skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars stretch marks and solar lentigines (age spots).
  • How quickly does it work? The treatments are quick and involve little if any discomfort. The skin in the treated area painlessly peels off in two to three weeks and is replaced by more collagen-rich skin. Unlike tattoo removal, which frequently requires twelve or more treatments, fractional ablation typically achieves optimal results in three to five treatments.

Colorado Laser Treatments can effectively treat your scars or age spots!

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